Feb 28, 2012

Trojan Vibrations Commercial – Blow your Hair Back Video

In this video, you can see the famous Trojan Vibrations commercial where they talk about blowing your hair back the product is so good. The commercial is for the Trojan Twister, and you can watch it right here and see for yourself.

You can also check out the Couple’s Routine Trojan Vibrations commercial here.

In this video of the Trojan Vibrations commercial, you’ll see two female neighbors talking about the Twister, as one just got hers in the mail. They talk about it blowing your hair back it’s so good, and then they see their neighbors walking by, and both the guy and the girl have their hair blown straight back.

So it must be that good, right? Then, they feature a few women talking about how they’ve used it and it’s just a fantastic product and it feels great.

I guess there’s only one way to see for yourself whether it blows your hair back, and that’s to buy it, bring it home, and test it out, right ladies? You be the judge, enjoy the Trojan Vibrations commercial video for the Vibrating Twister above.

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